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Brand Identity

A brand is more than a logo. It’s the gut feeling that a customer gets when they visit your website or interact with your company. From logo creation to graphic design, we help your cannabis business stand out from the competition. 

If it’s not going to make headlines, it probably isn’t worth it. Every aspect of our marketing mix directly aligns with our public 


Public Relations


Digital Marketing

Digital, or die. Everything we execute lives online, whether it’s an ad campaign promoted on Instagram, a newsletter blast, or just the day to day management of your social media channels. We understand that at the end of the day only brands with a strong web presence survive. Search. Email. Social. Our marketing strategies produce results by reaching potential customers where they most frequently are.

Professional business cards, brochures, and menus, as well as custom product packaging for retailers and cultivators.


Print & Packaging Design


Technology & Analytics

Better bet on tech. We build dynamic and engaging websites and mobile applications with an emphasis on user-experience and online visibility. When it comes to measuring the success of our campaigns and their impact on driving website traffic, we track every impression and deliver comprehensive analytics reports.

At Smarterthinking, we like to make sure you are profitable at every stage of the production process. We focus on process re-engineering— that is, streamlining a business’ supply-side activities to maximize customer value and gain competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Smarterthinking’s operations experts will help streamline and structure production, product development, and information systems needed to decrease costs, increase efficiency, and increase the velocity of money flowing through the company. By managing the overall supply chain, we help our partners to increase and maintain a competitive advantage


Operational Controls


Go-To-Market Product Strategy

We design, develop and execute go-to-market strategies for success using three key disciplines: 1) define your geographical targets; 2) identify your distribution channels; and 3) align your brand messaging with the marketing channels we know are most successful for your product

When seeking funding, it’s critical to find an investor that shares your vision and adds more than just financial value. We work with a large repertoire of private and institutional VCs for all of your financing needs. It’s our goal to get you in front of the right investors, while simultaneously making your brand and business a desirable one to work with.


Investor Relations


Startup And Expansion Services

In order to raise capital for your company, not only do you need to have a solid business plan, but it’s critical to be marketable from the start. Smarterthinking can help position your brand in the market to have a clear competitive advantage, while marketing effectively to investors by providing: -Business Plans and Proformas -Executive Summaries -Investor Pitch Decks -In-depth Valuation Modeling

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