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How Cannabis Marketers Are Busting Stoner Stereotypes

As cannabis decriminalization spreads throughout the country, recreational and medicalcannabis marketers are battling legal red tape and stoner stereotypes to attract a newgeneration of cannabis consumers.A certain segment of the boomer population spent their formative years in a haze of hippie-filleddagga smoke.Three decades later, skater dudes reveled in their stoner-stereotyped rebellion. Like the sweet,herbal, skunk-like

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How the Cannabis Industry is Being Affected by the Coronavirus

Many businesses, large and small, are being impacted by the fear and panic shoppingassociated with the coronavirus, COVID-19.While the concern is real, and we need to do what we can to reduce the virus from spreading,what about the cannabis industry? How are these businesses holding up?Manufacturing and Disposable Income ImpactThe cannabis industry is starting to

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The Ultimate Guide to Programmatic Advertising for CBD & Cannabis

What if you could show ads for your products to any cannabis shopper who visited yourcompetitor’s store? Or get your audio ads heard by yoga enthusiasts in a certain shopping mall?Or target your B2B campaign at local businesses most similar to the ones already in your CRM?Believe it or not, these are things you can

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5 Cannabis Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Since South Africa began decriminalized medical and recreational cannabis, vendors have beenpopping up in cities and neighborhoods near just about everywhere. It hasn’t taken long for thecompetition to grow, leading canna-businesses to be a bit more creative with their marketingtactics.However, not all businesses have adjusted their cannabis marketing strategies accordingly, andfor many, there is still

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