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Smarterthinking is South Africa’s first full-service marketing agency dedicated to the cannabis space.


Process the product



A brand is more than a logo. It’s the gut feeling that a customer gets when they visit your website or interact with your company. From logo creation to graphic design, we help your cannabis business stand out from the competition.



Due to the ever changing regulatory landscape and the fierce competition of the cannabis market, having an agile approach is key. During this phase we develop a flexible roadmap of our execution strategy.


Web Design & Development

We craft beautiful websites that attract a set audience and guides them through content with ease. Our front-end developers build mobile-ready, user-friendly, on-brand websites with contemporary aesthetics that keep customers engaged as they move through the sales funnel.


A Few Words About Us

Smarterthinking is South Africa’s first full-service marketing agency dedicated to the cannabis
space. We partner with companies who share our vision of destigmatizing cannabis and
breaking ground in this dynamic industry. Smarterthinking is also a consultancy which offers
support in Operations, Supply Chain Management, and Investor Relations. Our team is a
creative collective of professionals from traditional industries and the cannabis space therefore
having an agile approach to projects

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Certified Experts

We have years of experience in the field of cannabis. That is why we are called Cannabis Marketing Genius

Quality Services

We are the top notch in the field of cannabis. You have to try to find out why we stand out

Affordable Pricing

One thing that makes us so elegant is our consumer friendly prices. You will not find any one with the same rates as us.

14+ Years of Experience
in Marketing


Some of Our

Recent Articles

We have helped a number of cannabis business owners to grow their dream of a branded cannabis business. Our people at Smarterthinking makes sure that you land in the right market at the right time.

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